Monday, June 24, 2013

Fleet Efficiency to Speed Up With Telemetry

“If these cars could talk,” has probably been uttered by more than one fleet manager charged with maintaining service schedules and repairs for their company’s stable of automobiles. For companies from rental agencies to limo services to organizations like the U.S. government, which provides and maintains a vast number of automobiles for its employees, fleet management is a major time and economic expense, and one with lots of room for improvement. Of course, there are instruments like the odometer that let managers know how far a vehicle has been driven. But there’s really no way of knowing how a vehicle has been driven. Installing telemetry monitors and loggers is a way of giving these cars a voice.

Aside from curbing drivers who treat a company car like they’re on the track at Daytona, telemetry can also prove useful in other ways. Predictive, preventative maintenance will be easier to schedule and recognize a need for. Regular service like oil changes can be better monitored and scheduled. What’s more, through trend analysis and location data, the best service provider for a given vehicle at a given time, in a given location, can now be accurately pinpointed and used. Things like repair times can also be logged. Monitoring and data collection are infiltrating just about every industry, a trend that Devar is pleased to be part of.