Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Remote Monitoring and Control 2012 – A Preview

Coming this September 18th and 19th in Denver, CO, a major event in the world of monitoring and alarm equipment – TheRemote Monitoring and Control 2012 conference. As mentioned here, data collection, storage, and analysis methods are at an all-time high and only continuing to increase. One topic of discussion, among many, will be how to make sense of all these readings and other information collected through monitoring. At Devar, as we continue to offer the most effective monitoring and control equipment, we believe that this is one of the most important issues facing our industry and our end users.

Covering all industries where monitoring equipment is used, including municipal water, oil and gas companies, municipal power, manufacturing and industrial firms, and many other with whom Devar works, the conference promises to cover something for everyone. Of course, as you might guess, the wireless, remote aspect of monitoring will also be a focus, so topics like network security, network setup and maintenance, wireless options, and telemetry will be covered as well.

From general seminars like “SCADA 101,” to more industry-specific and advanced presentations like “Managing Remote Pumping Facilities” for the gas industry, and “Simple Ways that Smart Grids Make Power Quality Worse,” all attendees will be sure to learn something. We welcome comments below from anyone who does make it to the conference – which presentations will you attend? What did you learn? Please share!