Thursday, May 30, 2013

Monitoring and Manufacturing

Data mining is one of the hottest buzzwords in marketing right now, online or otherwise. The abundance of information about user behaviors and trends (and people’s willingness to share that information) has led to a wealth of available demographic statistics, and an entire industry built around it to make sense of it. A similar change is happening in manufacturing. The ease and availability of installing monitoring equipment, recorders, and data loggers is providing manufacturers with a wealth of behavior and trend information, only this is about their equipment and products, not people. This information is, however, just as useful, if not more so.

The end goal of any equipment monitoring setup is assessing OEE: overall equipment effectiveness. This covers several factors. Is the equipment operating energy-efficiently? Is the quality up to par? Is it working as fast as it can while meeting all necessary parameters? Through a combination of real-time monitoring and the emergence of trends over time, operators can confidently answer those questions and more, leading to several potential process improvements. Those include:

Increased efficiency. Less downtime, greater speeds, and optimal usage of equipment can all be achieved through monitoring and analysis.

Reduced energy use. Statistics let you gauge how best to run your machines.

Traceability. While we’re talking about buzzwords, let’s make sure “traceability” is included. In the quest for ever-better quality control, traceability is a key factor, and detailed records and logs provide the necessary documentation for your customer.

Devar is pleased to provide instruments that can aid in each of these improvements, and more.