Monday, June 25, 2012

The Future of Medical Monitoring is Here

At Devar, we’re always interested in the latest developments in our field, and it seems that almost every day something new and exciting is happening.  As technology advances at lightning speed, so too does the field of monitoring instruments.
CNN recently reported that the FCC has announced plans to allocate spectrum bandwidth for wireless medical devices, monitoring patients’ vitals and other functions.  Within this new system, sensors on (or in) a patient’s body will act as a wireless network that transmits information to computer systems, allowing doctors to remotely monitor their patients post-op – all using dedicated medical bandwidth, ever-important in keeping networks up to speed and reliable.  With the passing of this plan, the U.S. is to become the first country allocating spectrum for wireless medical devices.  

Looking to the future, researchers at the RensselaerPolytechnic Institute have just developed a tiny implantable sensor that wirelessly transmits real-time data from an orthopedic surgery site to doctors, allowing for remote monitoring, cost savings, and quicker recovery times.  

It seems the future of medicine lies in wireless monitoring, and as industry leaders in monitoring, telemetry, control, and data acquisition, we are excited to see the strides they are making in this field..  Who knows what breakthroughs are just around the corner? We stand ready and eager!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Monitoring for Survival

The right monitoring is crucial for the maintenance and development of a company’s data system.  The data center is the heart of the technology, and we all know that a body cannot survive without a healthy heart.  There are many important monitoring features within data centers and IT management, and none can be ignored.  

In a recent article detailing the importance of these monitors, these data centers were cleverly compared to a fish tank.  In a simple goldfish bowl, keeping the water clean and the fish fed is enough.  When you upgrade to a more complicated freshwater fish tank, more work is required to maintain the more complex environment.  And when you have an even more sophisticated saltwater tank, greater attention is necessary, including observation of PH levels, salinity, etc.  

If the data center is the complex saltwater tank, then the proper care and monitoring can lead to increased productivity, improved IT functions, and economic development, among other advantages.  If the “tank” is not properly cared for, the system will not function.  

At Devar, we are well aware of this.  As the leading suppliers of these types of monitors, we are in the business of keeping our customers’ tanks running smoothly and living a long, healthy life.  When you realize the value of this monitoring equipment, and the need for the best equipment available, you can take comfort in the fact that our products can help you—and your “fish tank”— stay on level.